Make the reservation

contacting us by webpage, email or telephone


Office telephone: (011 52) (622) 22 1 72 00

Please include next info

  • Boat´s name
  • Owner name
  • Length
  • Beam
  • Draft
  • Weight
  • Sailboat or powerboat
  • Monohull or multihull
  • Telephone
  • email address
  • Date for haul out

We will reply back to you confirming the availability of the day you like to haul out

  • Confirm 2 days before you will arrive the appointment for haul out, via email or telephone.
  • Prior to haul out contact us to confirm you are in the way or ready to haul out

VHF radio channel: 16

Office telephone: (+52) 622 221 72 00

Customer Services: (+52 ) 622 142 50 73

Be ready with 4 lines on your boat, two on each side

  • Be sure where the slings must be
  • Sooner as we haul out please visit the office to complete all the paperwork

We need:

  • Temporary Import Permit
  • Documentation of the boat
  • Owner Passport
  • Mexican Visa
  • Liability insurance

NOTE: In case the captain it is not the owner, please have a document signed by the owner giving total access and availability over the vessel or power boat