Need a special service?

Painting, Sanding, Epoxy Blister Repair or Sandblasting...

Let us know what you need and we’ll send you a detailed quote of the requested service.

Our Services

  • Haul in and out with travelift (25 tons maximum capacity)
  • All kind of services for sailboats and powerboats under quote
  • Boat owner can work on his boat
  • Boat Dry Storage
  • Security 365 days a year, 24 hrs
  • Work Yard
  • Water and electricity
  • Free internet wireless service
  • Showers and bathrooms
  • Bus facility
  • Taxi service 24 hrs
  • English Spoken
  • Self storage
  • Diesel polishing


We are required by law to keep a copy of your passport, tourist visa, vessel temporary import permit, insurance and certificate of documentation on file.